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Welcome to the English Version of Therafusio!

(Please note, that all links are leading to sites with german language – you can translate parts of it here.)

My name is Alex, I am the founder of Therafsuio, and my goal is to help you, if you want to have a quality, active and painless life. I am an university-certified trainer, medical-manual therapist and strength athlete and I take my passion into my way of working.

The concept is a therapy with the cornerstones of manual work of the therapist on the person (passive), the physio training (active) and supplementary nutrition. Therafusio – from therapy fusion – is a holistic and source-of-the-trouble-based treatment, according to the needs of the individual.

If you have one or more of the following issues, you are perfectly right here:
(These are just an excerpt of the possibilities & therapy offer)

  • disc prolapse
  • joint problems
  • nerve pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • backache
  • tenseness
  • headache
  • performance plateau
  • cellulite
  • overweight
  • macro and micronutrient deficiencies
  • surgery necessary?

Yes, I want a treatment! BUT HOW?

First we can take time for a quick overview of your situation.
My contact data are +436706070541 or alex@therafusio.at.
After I know approximately what’s going on we make an appointment.
Before we start you have to check with your health insurance, how you can get back the costs of the treatments.

What do I need for the appointment?

There are two types of treatments: WITH medical requireis and WITHOUT medical requireis.
With medical requireis: If you have a medical problem, you must first get a referral from a doctor. Your family doctor or an orthopedist can help you with this. The referral must be issued for a physical medicine and / or a medical massage.
Without medical requireis: If you don’t have an issue and you want to get a preventional treatment you can do an appointment without a referral. The difference is, that you have to pay value added tax (VAT) in the height of 20%. (Treatments with medical requireis are tax-free.)
You can find the prices here.

Do I get my money back?

After the treatment series you will receive an invoice issued by Therafusio e.U. You have to pay the costs, but you can get it back from your insurance in whole or in part. For the height and the procedure of your refund you have to CHECK with YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE first!

I have good experience and cooperation with:

Am I the right person to get these international insurences?

You are right if you can find yourself here:

  • UNO – employers
  • non-Austrian self employed
  • non-Austrian employers
  • non-Austrian students